Goal: Share some Of my Time and Money with A Stranger or 2. Ways you Can give To others Or the Environment Canada

DO my One Outreach Project For A Decade Or Until I Decide To No Longer Do So.

Sharing to me is about giving and getting. I’ll get money from earning with my project and I’ll give a small portion to my One Outreach Project. There are lots of ways you can give a helping hand too, if you wish, to a stranger or 2 and the environment. From sharing a thought to giving someone a drink of water to giving a donation of cash or kind to picking up a piece of garbage off the ground. These are some things you can do to share some of your money and time with someone other than yourself or close family and friends. Therefore a stranger.



Friday November 3, 2023

personal goals 1 yea goals to set personal goals 10 year goals I’m Deon N Brown, One Girl and this is My Million Dollar Blue Print Website imdeonnbrown.com. I’m a mom of 2. It is said that giving makes you feel good. Sometimes it has a ring to it and sometimes it don’t. Sometimes we like to give to other people who are not close to us like a stranger and other times we simply don’t want to give, let alone like the idea of giving. So I’m challenging myself to share.

Doing My One Outreach Project For A Decade Or UNtil I Decide To No LOnger Do So

I believe giving is a choice and getting is a choice. So sharing is like a choice. Most times you can’t give what you don’t have so getting is important to me similar to how giving is important to me. During the next 10 years while I’m bloging and doing business online I plan to give and get. It’s been something I’ve had in my head from my childhood days. Now that I’m an adult I’m trying to bring it to life. I will give to my One Outreach Project until I decide to no longer do so. I may decide that I will no longer do my One Outreach Projects because I’m sick, me and my kids need the money and my time, I don’t have any money anymore to give, I feel tired and overwhelmed or I simply don’t feel like doing it anymore and so on and so on.

When Did I Start Doing My One Outreach Project?

I start in 2021. Most of my One Outreach Project in Ontario Canada where I live. Canada is a country on the continent of North America. It shares one of the longest border with the US – the only 2 countries that is on the North American Continent. Canada has 10 provinces.The 10 provinces are Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Ontario has 52 cities. It’s the province I live in. Most of my One Outreach Project in Canada has been to give to organizations that give to others.

Where Do You See Your One Outreach Project Goin?

Further down the road I’m plannin to do my One Outreach Project in Jamaica. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. I was born there. However I came to Canada in Apr 2011. I haven’t being back to Jamaica since. I have a background in teaching. When I go back I want to see if I can give back in education but we’ll see. I’m now an immigrant and a permanent resident in Ontario Canada and I have 2 kids, 2 boys. Anyways, much much further down the road I plan to do my One Outreach Projects in a country on the continent of Africa. I guess I chose Africa because it happen to come to my mind. And I’m hoping to do all of this in my 10 years of bloging and being a “Savv” as in A Savvy Online Internet Mogul.

Total Monetary Contribution Given To My One Outreach Projects In Canada From 2021 To Present $200.00

Break Down Is As Follows:

Budget $5.00

2021 One Outreach Projects were as follow: Clean Up Sidewalks

Sidewalks were located in Kitchener Ontario Canada. These sidewalks are on Overlea Court, Overlea Drive and Cecile St.

Recognising Community Programmes That Help Others

Budget $36.00

2022 One Outreach Projects were as follows: Donation To The Food Bank

Can food donation was made to the food bank on 50 Alpine Road in Kitchener Ontario Canada N2E 2M7

Budget $103.00

2023 One Outreach Projects Were As Follows: Donate Cash To The Women’s Crisis Services Of Waterloo Region And Light Garbage Clean Up At One Of Kitchener’s Public Library

Cash donation was made to the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region in Ontario Canada. Specifically the Anselma House on 700 Heritage Drive Kitchener Ontario Canada N2A 3N9. 519 741 9184

Light garbage clean was done at the Forest Heights Public Library at 251 Fischer-Hallman Road Kitchener ON N2M 4X8 519-743-0644.

Budget $56.00

2024 One Outreach Projects Were As follows: Donate Food Items To The Region Of Waterloo Food Bank And To The House Of Friendhsip

10 lbs of can foods were donated to the Food Bank on 50 Alpine Road in Kitchener Ontario Canada N2E 2M7 and 19 lbs food was donated to the House Of Friendship on 807 Guelph Street North N2H 5Z2 519 742 0662

Things You Can Do On This Website: (1) Read The Content ON This Website. (2) Earn Money From This Website With A Password.

Thanks For Your Support. I Earn Money From My Project When You Support An Idea I’m Doing On This Imdeonnbrown.com Website And By Earning I’m Able To Give A Small Amount Back To My One Outreach Project. Thanks Again.

What About You: Do You Know Of Any Charity Organization In Your Area? Do You Think You Would Donate Something To Them?